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Day 27 Einstein in progress


Day 26


Day 25 left hand with tools


Day 24


Day 23 Collections


Day 22 Safety Pin


Day 21 Vase with Flowers


Day 20 Another Floral Day


Day 19 Floral


Day 18 Show off your whites


White weekend


Bears Something I fear


Something we ate today


Snakes Day 14


Day 13 shark


Day 12 Real Life


Fruit with a twist


Third time is a charm


Day 9 Fruit Study


Day 8. Ready & Waiting


Day 7 After firing


Day 7. Tools!


Day 6 Four Out Of Five Made It To The Kiln


Day 5 Above The Inversion


Day 4 My Two Best


Day 3 Landscape


Day 2 Trees


Day 1


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